Free Mailroom Evaluations

Save 30% to 60% on Your Mailroom Expenses

The US Postal Service has recently instituted a rate hike bringing First Class postage up to 49 cents. Now more than ever is a great time to get a free mailroom evaluation - we all know those rate hikes are here to stay. Columbus Office Solutions & Systems has saved our clients over $190,000 throughout the course of 2013 and we could help you save, too.

One of the keys to our success in the mailing equipment and software industry is focusing on our customer's bottom line and ROI. We specialize in cost saving procedures that focus solely on helping you save money on mailing equipment, avoidable fees, over-payments, and billing issues. There are many changes in the postage industry. COSS is uniquely positioned and qualified to know where to save you money.

We can evaluate your mailing center or office, large or small. Mailroom evaluations are not new but should be explored because this budget is often overlooked and the savings can be significant. COSS will not charge for our services and will only suggest where and if we can help your organization save money.

Right size for the right applications:
This is the largest opportunity for savings in any mailroom. Many companies will let their mailing vendors define the requirements for site renewals or work on an automatic lease extension model keeping the same equipment in place for extended terms. Our goal is to focus on what is the best fit for your company at the lowest costs. Here is our process:

  1. Mailroom evaluation to define your current and future mailing needs
  2. Validating your mailroom has the right type of mailing equipment for their volume and application
  3. making sure you are only paying for features you need
  4. Recommend re-manufactured systems if/when beneficial
  5. Evaluate your current lease and "extra fees"

Additional areas for savings:

  1. Using presort to get discounted rates, if applicable
  2. Discounted rates for special services such as certified or return receipt
  3. Lower your lease rates
  4. Purchasing vs. leasing
  5. Commercial based pricing discounts

Bringing in experts is the key to any organization's success. Mailroom evaluations can give you the expertise and can find you significant savings that would have typically been overlooked.

Bill Sopher is the Vice President of Columbus Office Solutions & Systems and has over 30 years experience evaluating mailroom and office equipment workflow. He is on the Board of Directors and past President of the Association of Independent Mailing Equipment Dealers (AIMED) - see for more information.